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The Emergency Medical Information Book - contains all of your information and medical records which is needed if or when an ambulance is called and you need to be transported to a hospital. When paramedics are called, a typical scenario is that distraught family members may be unable to give correct details of the patient’s condition, or the medication they may be on. The paramedics physically have to collect all the patients medication in the house, try and obtain a medical history and take it to the hospital with the patient. This small book contains patient contacts, service or carer provider information, medications and any medical condition, so a paramedic is able to treat and ready a patient for transport to a hospital.

Please Note that there will be a Price Rise as from 1st July
- this is because of increased costs in Transport and Printing

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Just a few testimonials……………………..

I am most grateful the Ambulance Officer was able to help my husband when he had his heart attack and he is well today only because I have two of the Emergency Medical Books on our fridge.

I must say that the Rotary Medical Information Book saved wife’s life when she was taken to hospital in an ambulance. All of her medical history was written down and the ambulance medic and hospital doctors were able to help her straight away, I am most grateful.
New South Wales

When my sister was taken to hospital recently, I am so glad she had one of the Emergency Medical books on her fridge, I arrived just when the Ambulance Paramedics were treating her and they already new her medical history and what medications she was taking. I have been encouraging all my friends to get a book and fill it out and put it on the fridge.
New South Wales

My brother is in the Rotary Club Tea Tree Gully and he gave me a couple of books, which I have on my fridge. Recently when I was away my wife who has diabetes collapsed and lucky our next door neighbour was there and she called an ambulance which arrived in 7 minutes. They ambulance people were able to read the Emergency Medical Book and found out enough information to treat her before she was taken to hospital. I am really glad the all of the residents in our retirement village now have the books.
South Australia

On our last holiday to see some friends in Newcastle, I decided to take our Medical Information Books with us, as my wife is a diabetic and suffers from other medical problems. I am very glad as I had to take her to hospital which she was admitted for two days until her condition had stabilised. The hospital staff were terrific and when they needed to now her what medications she was taking, I just handed them the book. I was very stressed at the time but very relieved when the hospital doctors were able to speak with her own doctor back in Townsville.

My husband bought four of the Emergency Medical books at the Lions BBQ a few months ago, and I am so pleased as I have taken him to the hospital so many times, that all I need to do is take the book with me. The doctors in the admission just read medications that Tom is currently on for his High Blood Pressure, they can start treating him right away.

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