About EMIB

What is the Emergency Medical Information Book?

A combined community service project by Rotary, Lions Club and Ambulance Service.

The ‘Emergency Medical Information Book’ contains all your information and medical records which are needed if or when an ambulance is called and you need to be transported to a hospital.

When paramedics are called, a typical scenario is that distraught family members may be unable to give correct details of the patient’s condition, or the medication they may be on. The paramedics physically have to collect all the patients medication in the house, try and obtain a medical history and take it to the hospital with the patient. This small book contains patient contacts, service or carer provider information, medications and any medical condition, so a paramedic is able to treat and ready a patient for transport to a hospital.

Who should have one of these books?

All people, adults and children who ‘take medications or have a medical condition’ should have an EMIB, especially elderly people living on their own.

Each book has a clear plastic sleeve with strip magnets and is placed on the fridge door once it has been filled out by the owner (patient) together with their doctor.

How can your club participate in this great community project?

  • Complete the on-line order form at https://emib.org.au/shop/
  • Order a minimum quantity or 250 books (carton), – your Rotary or Lions Club name will be on the cover. Direct Phone support 0434 532 264
  • Distribute the books in your community, through chemist shops, doctor’s surgeries, aged care homes, shopping centre promotions and your local neighbourhood associations.

Countertop donation boxes are available for Rotary & Lions Clubs and any community organisations who wish to place the books in doctors surgeries, hospitals, chemist shops and retirement villages etc;

The counter boxes hold approximately 50 books, and by requesting a gold coin donation for the books, the project becomes self funding.

Important Disclaimer and Indemnity

The Patient has sole responsibility for ensuring that all information in this book is and remains complete and accurate and for bringing this book to the attention of anyone involved in the treatment of the patient.

Neither the author of the book nor any other person involved in the production, distribution or use of this book nor any of their respective officers, employees or agents (“those indemnified”) shall be liable to any person for any claim, loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of this book or from reliance on information (or the absence of information) in this book (“relevant liabilities”).

By making use of this book the patient thereby agrees to indemnify each of those indemnified and to keep them indemnified against all relevant liabilities.