Emergency Medical Information Book ‘pocket edition’

The EMIB ‘pocket edition’ has been designed to fit a standard wallet or pocket so that you may carry it with you at all times.

Information in the ‘pocket edition’ does not replace your own Emergency Medical Information Book, but rather be a prompt for contact details, medications and medical conditions.

The Emergency Medical Information Book has saved many lives and we know many people have purchased another book so they can carry the second copy with them, especially when travelling. We have responded with these requests by creating a ‘pocket edition’ with most of the details recorded in your main EMIB. https://emib.org.au/shop/emib-for-pocket/

It will be important to keep both copies updated especially with changes to medications etc.

In the event of a medical emergency, you can feel at easy that your medical records will be with you and able to be handed to a paramedic or medical personal.